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4Matic For Food & Beverage Industry

4Matic offers many types of valves to various kinds of industries. As for Food and Beverages sector, 4Matic has a range of valves to meet the applications of this field such as, Pure Water, Sanitary Services, Antiseptic Services, Food and Beverages, Co2, Cleaning – in – Place (CIP), Potable Water, Brewing and other applications that need Taste Test approval. From very many options accessible, our clients can opt for an ideal valve for their every possible operation.

When it comes to Food and Beverages industry, 4Matic has the most sought after products due to it’s adherence to the latest technology and material of construction. In this industrial sector, there are very many processes to be undertaken and 4Matic has all the solutions irrespective of any specific process. To cater to the asking needs of the Food and Beverage industry, more particularly, as it requires stringent standards with regard to sanitation, 4Matic valves are technically designed to give more than 100% results. Further, 4Matic offers Double and Triple Offset Valves. These valves are smaller in size and lighter in weight. This gives an advantage of space and weight saving, which ultimately results into accountable cost-effectiveness in installation and maintenance.

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Engineered through the latest technology, 4Matic Double and Triple Offset valves have proven compatibility with any prominent international brand, as it has been noted that the seat retains perfect condition and continues to give a bi-directional zero-leakage seal even after a test of more than 100000 cycles at 720 psi. To add to this, 4Matic High Performance Valves have been tested to seal zero-leakage in both directions even after, over 878000 cycles at 2 psi.

The Food and Beverages sector is being taken care of by a totally unified product range with the ultimate prescribed standards for the same. 4Matic valves have a technical perfection to give the best of quality as well as durability so as to be rest assured with regard to food safety. Flowing media is separated from the valve body by a peculiar, original seat design. The company has a wide range of seat and disc material on hand, as a result, valves can be adapted for every peculiar application and media feasible.

4Matic’s Research & Product Development Department, as well as the company’s highly professional and technically trained personnel, are very well versed with the production, assembly, cleaning and packing of extremely clean valves for use in high purity applications. For totally pure service, 4Matic offers a fully lined body and disc which separates all other valve parts from media and this valve is available with UHMWPE trim. Through a large scale research and engineering, the company has developed top quality valves to match international standards which give total shut off protection and high Cv values.

Further more, 4Matic manufactures an entire range of Ball Valves for ultrapure water facility, that can be tested, cleaned and certified. After a thorough technical investigation, 4Matic’s Research & Product Development Department has designed an advanced version of Ball Valves. Whatever may be the application, 4Matic has the solution and therefore when it comes to Food & Beverages Industry, Solenoid valve exporter in India, the company provides the best options through it’s latest technology and superior most quality of the material of construction.

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