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4Matic: At the Helm of Power Industry.

Electricity a very important source of energy, the generation of which is most important in today’s world. Though it can be generated byways of solar, wind, electrochemical or photovoltaic means, these sources are very small in volume. The requirement of Electrical Energy is very vast for the sustenance of modern-day civilization. To meet this, the major source of Power Generation is done by turning a turbine, usually with steam. At this juncture, the Industrial Valves have to play a vital role in Power Industry and that is where 4Matic is at the helm of affairs by providing its most competitive, world-class products. “4Matic”s connection with Power Industry has a long history, as the company has provided Valves and Actuators to this sector for more than 2 decades.


4Matic’s Double and Triple Offset Valves are tailor-made to meet the demanding working conditions of modern Power Plants. These valves are required to bear the peculiar steam pressures of upto 4500 PSI and upto 1050 F, as these plants have to run for 24/7. Therefore, the capacity and reliability is of utmost importance and 4Matic ensures this in totality for smooth plant operations.

The 4Matic series provides robust consistency in a tried and tested pattern.

Large diameter 4Matic resilient seated Butterfly Valves have the same advantageous design characteristics as the smaller diameter valves. The internal disc-stem drive connection removes visibility of retaining hardware and the seat which totally makes the valve body and stem inaccessible from the line media. The dry body and stem (shaft) design is essential for averting inner corrosion and is distinctly advantageous for power plants which use seawater for the flowing water service.
Three disc-to-stem connectivity i.e., Double ‘D’ Splined and Double Key is one of the main strong points of 4Matic Valves. Due to this internal non dampen connections, distinctively visible external disc-to-stem connectivity such as taper pins or screws, is removed. 4Matic’s internal connectivity’s disassembly can be done easily by pulling the stem out of the disc. 4Matic’s machining of the disc and the stem connection with utmost perfection marginalizes hysteresis and makes the most sturdy connection. All stem designs have a characteristic of blow-out proof.

One of the basic concerns of Power Industry is with regard to safety and it is but obvious more importantly for Nuclear Plant. The industry requires top quality, provenly dependable valves so as to control or terminate the possibility of high-risk conditions. 4Matic Valves are meant just for the purpose. These highly accomplished valves are made to discharge under any toughest condition of the industry and can be dependable for guaranteed performance at a very competitive rate.
4Matic Valves bear the advantage of great cost savings also as Double and Triple Offset valves are smaller in size. As they are smaller, they are lighter in weight also. Thus they are effective cost savers on the grounds of space and weight. 4Matic highly accomplished Butterfly Valves‘ advanced design provides robust dependability together with low maintenance.

Time tested 4Matic Valves have proven durability with zero leakage shutoff. In today’s most competitive and demanding market conditions, 4Matic highly accomplished valves give the best value for money through their proven consistency. Top ranking, 4Matic isolation valve is designed to give the best results for operations in light vacuum to high-pressure applications. The conventional, non-rubbing, metal to the metal sealing system is essentially safe from fire. Triple Offset technology is best suited where the application requires totally zero leakage.

4Matic’s continuous Research and Product Development process and the company’s expert technicians, marketing professionals as well as highly dedicated personnel are very well versed with the company’s products and their applications. They, in fact, are the Ready Reckoners for the company’s Manufacturing, Marketing, Sales and After Sales & Service strategy. The company keeps factory certified sales & service network region wise for it’s globally acclaimed products. This makes 4Matic a distinctly trusted brand for flow control in the Power

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