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From heating and air-conditioning systems to industrial plants and water distribution systems, valves play a pivotal role as crucial constituents in numerous fluid control systems. There are various kinds of valves but two of the most customers are Regulating valves and On/Off valves. To have a sound understanding with regard to their applications and advantages, we [...]

Role of 4Matic Ball Valves In Process Industries

Introduction In the complex and high-pressure environments of the process industries, the efficiency and reliability of equipment play a crucial role in ensuring smooth operations and mitigating risks. Among the various components used, the 4Matic ball valve stands out as a fundamental device that facilitates the flow control and isolation of fluids in critical systems. [...]

4matic Pressure Reducing Valves -The Ultimate Protection For Hydro Power Plant

Hydropower, next to thermal generation, plays a vital part in the energy mix. Hydropower can serve both the purposes i.e., it can be utilized for the industrial sector as well as for domestic household purpose too. If there is a case, where one has to face with a repowering of generators which give an increase [...]

Ways To Avert Valve Cavitation

It is often observed that friction, groove and such other faults become visible on the disc and seat as well as other internal parts of control valve and reducing valve. These defects are generally happen due to cavitation. This cavitation is nothing but an entire process of bubble accumulation, movement, division and elimination. During the [...]

HYDROGEN – Application Challenges and Solution offered by 4Matic Valves

At present hydrogen, generally is being observed as a main benefactor for resolving the factor of climate change and as such there is an urgent requirement for dependable and attested equipment. As for valves for the purpose of pure hydrogen and hydrogen mixture, 4Matic with a goodwill of more than three decades in the field [...]

4Max Knife Gate Valve by 4Matic Valves

Specifically,custom made for industrial and water treatment applications, 4Matic has a proven range of 4MAX bi-directional as well as uni-directional Knife Gate valve. Its design emphasizes on providing an ideal solution for water treatment, pulp & paper and mining applications and also for overall industrial processes which require quality performance and dependability. The 4MAX series [...]

Valve Torque and Actuator Selection

VALVE TORQUE & ACTUATOR SELECTION. . . . . . A SUMMARY The force OR strength needed at the time of opening and closing of the valve is the Valve Torque, which is the vital criteria for selecting the correct 4Matic Actuator. Close the valve between the opening and closing parts of the seat sealing [...]

Reduce Flow vs Reduce Pressure

It is a general practice to utilize Flow Control Valves so as to reduce and/or control pressure in even the very sophisticated industrial cleaning machines. The risks of using flow control valves to control pressure have been discussed have been discussed for various industrial applications - Which is it? " Pressure Reducing Valves, Flow Control [...]

Lined Valves

PFA LINED BUTTERFLY VALVES  (PTFE BUTTERRFLY VALVES) 4Matic Global Valves Automation Pvt. Ltd. Is one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of PFA Lined Butterfly Valves meant for corrosion as well as acidic applications. The company’s manufacturing plant is located in Ahmedabad, India. The range accessible of our PTFE/FEP/PFA Teflon lined valves is from 3”(80NB) [...]

Features of Plug Valve

General "4Matic” Non lubricated Sleeved & Lined Plug Valve are designed in accordance with API 599 for ANSI Class Ratings 150 & 300. Nominal sizes from 1/2" to 12" Valves have been design for use with various combinations of material Such as: Carbon Steel, Low Carbon Steel, Special Alloy, Stainless Steel, Monel, Inconel. 2 Way [...]

Ball Valve Furnished With Pneumatic Actuator

BALL VALVE FURNISHED WITH PNEUMATIC ACTUATOR Ball Valves are normally for on/off functioning. In this valve a ball is there with a through hole to regulate the flow of fluid. The valve can open and shut by means of a revolving mechanism from 0 degree to 90 degree, comparative to the route  of flow of [...]

4Matic Valves for HVAC System

The mechanical systems, which offer air quality and thermal comfort in an indoor area are internally linked and they are generally grouped together and are known as HVAC systems. These systems comprise of heat pumps, furnaces, boilers, central air conditioners, rooftop units, chillers and packaged units. A general utility of HVAC Valves is to control [...]

Silent Safety Valves

Silent Safety Valves, Silent Safety Valve Manufacturer & Exporter A Silent Safety Valve is a valve that works as a fail - safe, the ideal example of which is a Pressure Relief Valve. A Silent Safety Valve automatically releases a substance i.e., fluid, stem or gas as the case may be from a boiler, pressure [...]

Every Single Drop Is Important

Environmental changes have resaulted into scarcity of water due to decreasing rain fall. This results in excessive tax burden on industries for consumption of water as well as for disposal of waste water. In such a scenario, to cut down such expenses the use of Water Pressure Reducing Valve becomes very important. And, here is [...]

Float Valve

Float Valve Manufacturers in Ahmedabad Float valves are incredibly useful devices that mechanically control the level of fluid within a storage tank. This is achieved by the buoyancy-based response of the floating ball to the changes in fluid level within the tank, and then opening or shutting the valve in response to these fluctuations. Float [...]

Various Features and Uses of 4MBOM model of Pressure Reducing Valve

BOM series 200X is Pilot Operated Hydraulic Control Valve, This model is useful in Air, Water, Gas and Oil related flow control applications. It is mostly used for Water Industry applications such as, Municipal Water Boards, Water Supply, Water Distribution, Water and Sewage Treatment, Storage Tanks, Water Level Control etc., While other applications like Building [...]

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