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There are very few sectors where reliability is as uncertain as in the case of a marine vessel. In such a typical sector, 4Matic plays a vital role by offering a range of valves with proven dependability in the international market. This makes 4Matic Valves the most reliable and highly compatible with any other prominent brand in this sector. 4matic range of products may be visible in the ballast, fuel systems and fire main on Naval as well as on Commercial ships. The use at the pier side is restricted as per the service conditions or liking of the customer.

4Matic offers a fully unified and original range with high technological precision to cater to the requirements and meet the expectations of its clients located internationally. The company’s product range has standard as well as extreme service Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves, Knife Gate Valves, Specialty Slurry valves, Check Valves, Pneumatic and Electric Actuators and Controls.

maritime maritime - forged steel valve supplier

Three-disc – to – stem connectivity i.e., Double ‘D’, Splined and Double Key is one of the main strong points of 4Matic valves. Due to these internal non dampen connections, distinctively visible external disc – to – stem connectivity, such as taper pins or screws is removed. Internal connectivity’s disassembly in 4Matic valves can be done easily by pulling the stem out of the disc. Machining of the disc and the stem connection with utmost perfection marginalizes hysteresis and makes the most sturdy connection. All stem designs have a characteristic of blow – out proof.

4Matic has full proficiency with regard to designing and manufacturing the total range of flow control products from valves to actuators and controls. 4Matic’s Technical Research & Product Development Department always craves for innovations and techniques with the use of the latest tools and equipment so as to have assurance with regard to design validation. The Quality Control Department does not keep any stone unturned to optimize the standard of quality, reliability as well as performance so as to give more than 100% satisfaction to our esteemed clients. 4Matic’s all the factories have ISO certification and total range of products are designed and competent to abide by the standards of CE/PED, SIL, ANSI, JIS, DIN/PAS 1085, API, NSF, ASME or any other applicable standards to comply with peculiar demands for cryogenic, fugitive emissions, water, nuclear, sanitary and many more applications.

Leading Industrial Valves manufacturers for more than three decades the 4Matic group of companies always crave for the latest technology for their product development as well as to add to the range of products to comply with the needs of it’s valued clients worldwide. The marine industry too, has the priority in this endeavor of the company. 4Matic is always committed to highly competitive top class products for all industrial solutions.

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