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4Matic – In the Service of Petroleum, Refining & Oilfield Industry :

4Matic Global Valves Automation Pvt. Ltd. caters to the Petroleum Industry by providing world-class products, best suited to this industry. From the international point of view, 4Matic is one of the leading Butterfly Valves & Actuator manufacturer in the oil & gas industry. The company provides highly competitive products for every stage of the petroleum industry, from drilling to refining. By having a thorough Research & Technological up gradation programme, 4Matic has achieved an expertise in the field of Valve Automation, which has resulted into genuine top class products to be supplied to its valued customers located globally. As for Petroleum Industry, 4Matic has a wide range of standard & severe service Butterfly and Ball Valves, Specialty Slurry Valves, Knife Gate Valves, Check Valves, Pneumatic & Electric Actuators, and Controls.


Three – disc – to – stem connectivity i.e., Double ‘D’, Splined and Double Key is one of the main strong points of 4Matic valves. Due to this internal non dampen connections, distinctively visible external disc – to – stem connectivity, such as taper pins or screws is removed. Internal connectivity’s disassembly in 4Matic valves can be done easily by pulling the stem out of the disc. Machining of the disc and the stem connection with utmost perfection marginalizes hysteresis and makes the most sturdy connection. All stem designs have a characteristic of blow – out proof.

4Matic’s Research Development Department has a continuous product up-gradation program to move with the times, so as to cater to the needs of the customers with the latest technology. Thus ‘Customer Care’ is of utmost importance to the company not only from the angle of sale but also by communicating with the customers regarding the latest technological development. Further, at 4Matic the manufacturing process includes complete testing of each component at every stage of assembly and after that each valve is actuated and checked before it is released to the market. To ensure capacity, flow, fire safety etc. the valves are certified for guaranteed performance. This is what it makes 4Matic, a brand that the customers rely upon for optimum performance.

As for accreditation, 4Matic is certified by ISO – 9001: 2015 from UL- DQS This accreditation has very high and strict norms with regard to design, manufacturing, quality as well as performance and the company keeps no stone unturned to live up to these norms.

To meet the needs of tough operations or applications 4Matic also designs and manufactures Ball Valves which are technically more advanced, such as Metal Seated to Double Offset High Performance, Cryogenic to Triple Offset. The company gives total valve, actuator and control packages ready to cater to the needs of a wide range of the industry’s demanding applications. Seat leak is tested to API 598/6D/ISO 5208 ZERO LEAKAGE, the 4Matic Triple Offset can handle applications ranging from Steam and Hydrocarbons to produced water and refined products, providing bi-directional zero leak performance.

4Matic has the peculiar potentiality to design and produce a total range of Flow Control products ranging from valves to actuators and controls. Company’s Technological Research & Product Development programmer contributes to guarantee top quality, reliability, and performance for which our customers rely the most.

One of the leading Valves manufacturing company, since more than 2 decades 4Matic always craves for further development and expansion in the range of its products to its esteemed clientele worldwide. The petroleum industry, one of the key factor in the global market is being served with due impact by us with the vigorous efforts on the part of our highly qualified technical professionals through their efforts to deliver the best solution to satisfy our customers.

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