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4Matic For Irrigation Sector

As far as the subject of Irrigation is concerned, it is observed that there is an unparalleled growth in the Irrigation Projects worldwide. 4Matic’s international network caters to the needs of various types of valves for Irrigation Projects and has the best options available for all sorts of irrigation applications, most suitable to many irrigation systems and irrigation equipment dealers. For effective use in applications up to 250 psi for valves up to 12 inches and 150 psi for valves up to 14 inches and larger, with temperature up to 250* F and pipeline velocities at or below 30 feet per second, 4Matic Resilient-Seated Valves are the best choice.

There are numerous types of irrigation skills and irrigation equipments and they differentiate as to how water is acquired from the original source and how it is to be distributed. 4Matic has a wide range of Ball, Butterfly and Check Valves to meet these various challenging requirements in the field of irrigation. 4Matic’s perfectly technically crafted products speak for them selves as for the top grade quality along with notable cost effectiveness. 4Matic’s each and every product passes through strict surveillance by the Technical Research& Development Department of the company, so as to rest assured the top quality international standards to meet the highest competition in the global market.

Irrigation Irrigation - Control Ball Valves manufacturer

4Matic has developed valves ranging in size ¼ inch to 120 inches, specifically for irrigation sector. These valves are meant for intake, pump, distribution, isolation and control systems. The valves are also designed for automated control, back flow systems and chemical feed, metering and filter equipment needs.

Three disc – to – stem connectivity i.e., Double ‘D’, Splined and Double Key is one of the main strong points of 4Matic valves. Due to this internal non dampen connections, distinctively visible external disc – to – stem connectivity, such as taper pins or screws is removed. Internal connectivity’s disassembly in 4Matic valves can be done easily by pulling the stem out of the disc. Machining of the disc and the stem connection with utmost perfection marginalizes hysteresis and makes the most sturdy connection. All stem designs have a characteristic of blow – out proof.

Leading Industrial Valves manufacturers since three decades “4Matic” group always craves for the latest technology for their product development as well as to add to the range of products to meet the requirements of it’s esteemed clients worldwide. The Irrigation Sector is also in priority in this endeavor of the company. 4Matic is committed to provide highly competitive, top class products for all irrigation and water related solutions.

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