2/2 Way Pilot Operated Diaphragm Type Solenoid Valve

4Matic offers HIGH FLOW Diaphragm type solenoid valves, are specially engineered in the construction of Investment Cast CF8 / CF8M body with Electro Polished for multiple and long lasting operations. valves for the inflamable media / environment / Flamproof / Explosion Proof solenoid coil are available in such application.

Types :

  • Normally close – Engergised to Open
  • Normally Open – Energised to Close

Application : Air,Water,Light Oil,Gas, Light Chemical

Size Range :  1/4″ to 6″ Screwed / Flanged / Triclover End

Technical Specifications :
Pressure0.5 to 10 Bar
Temperature-5 °C to 85°C (Upto 120°C On Request)
Coil Voltage12V, 24V,48V, lOV, 230V, AC/DC
Coil  Insulation“F” Class
Coil RatingContinuous Rated
EndsS/E, F/E 150# / TC End
solenoid valve price

Textile Processing Machinery, Chemical Plants, Water Treatment, Sugar Machinery, Cement Machinery, Pumps, Irrigation, Combustion Equipment, Heat Exchanger,Air Dryer,Pollution Controls, Landry Equipments and where dependable ON/OFF type control is required.

Dimensions ( all dimensions are in MM )
Valve ModelValve Size Flow Factor (kvm³ / hr) L S/E L1 F/E B C DOrifice MM Weight (Approx.)
MMInch S/E F/E
A4ISD – 661/4″2.566130128.S17055.5160.8001.200
A4ISD – 10103/8″2.566130128.S17055.5160.8001.200
A4ISD – 15151/2″3.566130128.S17055.5160.8001.200
A4ISD – 20203/4″5.080150136175.565191.1001.600
A4ISD – 25251″11.09516015319581241.4002.150
A4ISD – 32321.1/4″13.0119180163.502079834.502.0003.300
A4ISD – 40401.1/2″20.0119200163.502079834.502.0003.300
A4ISD – 50502″38.0137230184.5229116452.9005.000
A4ISD – 65652.1/2″67.6172290201142.S654.2007.500
A4ISD – 80803″97.6195310237.S158725.90010.050
A4ISD – 1001004″300350284.52069813.95018.850
A4ISD – 1501506″On Request
Solenoid Coil
Sr No.DescrptionMaterialQty
01BodyCF8 / CF8M01
02CoverCF8 / CF8M01
04Embossed WasherS.S.30401
05Seat WasherS.S.01
06Diaphragm SeatNBR01
07‘O’ Ring For CoverNBR01
09Housing Plunger SetSTD.01
10Pilot SeatBrass01
11Hex Pin for DiaphragmS.S.01
12Hex Nut for DiaphragmS.S.01
13Sole.Coil CasingSTD.01
14Hex bolt + WasherS.S.06

Note : Since, constant worldwide advancement in technology,We keep our rights reserved to make changes time to time in Technical specifications and Dimensions without prior notice.