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Performance driven Solution for the Mining Industry

he Mining Industry, where the Valve performance is required to handle complicated abrasive and slurry flow control applications, the combination of 4Matic Butterfly, Ball and Check Valve together with 4Matic Actuators and accessories are widely used as a most viable solution for all applications. For peculiar requirements of the challenging flow applications in the Mining Industry, the company has the particular valve material to suit the specific need. A wide range of sizes of valves is available with pressures varying from vacuum to ASME Class 600 in applications like SX-EW, Acid Plants, Smelters and Leaching.

4Matic has a fully unified product range of standard and severe service butterfly and ball valves, knife gate valves, specialty slurry valves, check valves, pneumatic and electric actuators and controls. These products are designed to suit the top quality requirements of our esteemed customers located globally. 4Matic valves bear the advantage of cost-saving also, as Double and Triple Offset Valves are compact in design and offer a better life cycle.


“Customer Care” is of utmost importance to 4Matic. The company always craves for continuous communication links not only from the viewpoint of Marketing and Sale but also by way of establishing a healthy rapport with the customers with regard to product development. This helps the company to move with the times to provide its valued clients globally, the products with the latest technology.

4Matic’s Research & Product Development Department, as well as the company’s technically trained personnel, are very well versed with the company’s products and their applications. They are ready reckoners as far as the company’s marketing, sale and more importantly, after sale service is concerned. The company keeps factory certified sales and service network, region wise for its globally acclaimed products.

Leading Industrial Valves manufacturers for more than 2 decades the “4Matic” Group of companies always crave for the latest technology for their product development as well as to add to the range of products to meet the needs of its valued clients worldwide. Mining Industry too, has the priority in this endeavor of the company. 4Matic is always committed to highly competitive top class products for all industrial solutions.

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