Size Range : 1/2″ to 4″ Screwed / Flanged


Safety valves are used on Pressure equipments, Containers or Pipeline as over Pressure in the equipment increases and exceeds allowance, the valve can automatically open to discharge some mediums to prevent the pressure keeping raised. When the pressure decreases till to the stipulated value, the valve can close in time to avoid the pressure too much reduced, so that normal production will be carried out.

01Body ScrewedWCB / CF8 / CF8M01
02BonnetWCB / CF8 / CF8M01
03Balanced PistonCF8 / CF8M01
04Adjusting RingS. S. 30401
05Adjusting BoltS. S. 30401
06Adjusting Lock NutM. S.01
07StemS. S. 30401
08Flat WasherM. S.01
09SpringS. S. 30201
10Spring GuideS. S. 30402
11Lock ScrewS. S. 30401
12CapCF8 / CF8M01
13Lifting LeverCF8 / CF8M01
14Lever PinS. S. 30401
15Hex. Nut Lock ScrewASTM 19401
16Hex. Nut For SteamASTM 19401
17Fitting Bolt For CapASTM 19402
18Spring WasherS. S. 30401
01Body FlangedWCB01
02Top CoverWCB01
04BonnetCF8 / CF8M01
05Bonnet Adjusting RingCF8 / CF8M01
06Piston GuideCF8 / CF8M01
07Piston Guide Adjusting RingCF8 / CF8M01
08PistonCF8 / CF8M01
09Adjusting BoltS. S. 30401
10Adjusting Lock NutM. S.01
11StemS. S. 30401
12SpringS. S. 30201
13Lifting LeverCF8 / CF8M01
14Lifting HandleCF8 / CF8M01
15Lifting Lever PinM. S.01
16Lifting Handle PinM. S.01
17Piston BushM. S.01
18Cap Lock NutM. S.02
19Nut For StemM. S.01
#Fitting StudM. S.08
21Fitting NutM. S.08

Screwed End Dimension

Dimensions : (All Dimensions are in mm)
Valve ModelValve SizeLH
4M-PTS – 15151/2″59.5193.5
4M-PTS – 20203/4″67212.5
4M-PTS – 25251″75235.8
4M-PTS – 32321.1/4″88.5273.85
4M-PTS – 40401.1/2″100293.2
4M-PTS – 50502″110324.8
4M-PTS – 65652.1/2″133415.85
4M-PTS – 80803″174.5486

Flange End Dimension

Dimensions :   (All Dimensions are in mm)
Valve ModelValve SizeLH
4M-PTF – 50502″213627.3
4M-PTF – 65652.1/2″235652.4
4M-PTF – 80803″248809.5