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The Ultimate Solution for Water Filtration & Waste Water Treatment

When it comes to Water Filtration, 4Matic Global Valve Automation’s specifically designed Butterfly Valves and Actuators play a vital role worldwide with it’s highly competetive product range. 4Matic’s global presence and distinct range of products used at every stage of water filtration and waste water treatment makes them a rational selection for the process.

Fast urbanisation has resulted into adverse envirnmental changes. As a result many states are suffering from long term droughts, depleted aquifers and such other harsh conditions, as far as need of water is concerned. In such a scenario the reuse of waste water has become a practical solution to cut down the scarcity of water. This is where the valve manufacturers have to grab the opprtunity by providing their specific products (valves) which suit the requirements for this particular water treatment process. 4Matic’s Resilient – seated Valves are the ideal selection for this water treatment process, as they are the ultimate solution for applications upto 250 psi for valves upto 12″ and 150 psi for 14″ and bigger, with temptretureupto 250 degrees F and pipeline speed (velocities) at below 30 feet per second. Higher temperatures and water velocities may be accomplished by the use of 4Matic High Performance Valves. Pressure rating in accordance to ASME Class 150, 300 and 600 focusing attention on top quality material for erosive and corrosive services including water speed higher than 30 feet per second and temperatures upto 450 degree F.

Three disc – to – stem connectivity i.e., Double ‘D’ Splined and Double Key is one of the main strong points of 4Matic Valves. Due to this internal non dampen connections, distinctively visible external disc – to – stem connectivity, such as taper pins or screws, is removed. 4Matics internal connectivity’s disassembly can be done easily by pulling the stem out of disc. 4Matic’s machining of the disc and stem connection with utmost perfection marginalises hysteresis and makes most sturdy connection. All stem designs have a characteristic of blow – out proof.

Water Industry generally has total purity applications and for such applications totally clear valves are a must. To comply with this 4Matic has evolved a specific department with advanced technology and gadgets for manufacturing, assembly, cleaning and packing facility so as to procure ultra clean valves. 4Matic valves for ultra pure service has a totally lined body and disc which cordon offs all other valve parts from the media and are available with UHMWPE trim. Through vast market and technological research the company has developed advanced top quality valves which give the best shut off protection (bubble tight shut off) and high Cv values. Further, 4Matic manufactures a full range of Ball Valves for totally pure water service, which can be tested, cleaned and certified. 4Matic’s highly professional technological research & development programme has resulted in to designing high precision Ball Valves.

4Matic Valves is most competitive because of it’s distinct range of products – Knife Gate Valves, suitable at every level of water filtration and wastewater treatment. The width of products, quality awareness and company’s technological and professional infrastructure make 4Matic products the most competitive globally. Prompt supply of parts, materials and instant after sales service add to the consistency and reliability of the products. 4MAX Knife Gate Valves by 4Matic Valves are made to match international standards.

As far as the reliability of product is concerned it’s design validation is a very complex issue. Accurate documentation of the design and production methods and processes is done and the validation of design is followed by comprehensive manufacturing validation at each and every manufacturing stage. 4Matic has the latest technological gadgets and tools as well as test equipments to comply with the design validation. The company has the capacity of testing valves up to 120 inches with actuators attached. This it self speaks for the top class quality for which 4Matic stands for.

In order to exmine chemical and physical properties of a wide range of materials, 4Matic has fully calibrated equipment to comply with international and NIST standards. Suppliers Material Test Report (MRT) and 4Matic’s own test verification are maintained permenently for all valve pressure retaining parts. To check material traceability reports and to ensure specific materials are being used for valve assemblies, the company has trained operators who use certified equipments to perform in – house PMI. Touch probing methodology through Electro – mechanical machines is undertaken throughout the engineering and production process which checks the physical geometric characteristics of part or assembly against it’s design intent e.g., dimensions and tolerance. 4Matic’s Quality Control Department always craves for world class material to be used for it’s products. To comply with this the company undertakes various tests of the material, such as Magnetic Particle (ASTM E709) or Dye/Liquid Penetrant (ASTM E165) inspection etc.

Leading Industrial Valves manufacturers for more than 3 decades, 4Matic always craves for the latest technology for their product development as well as to add to the range of products to meet the needs of it’s valued clients worldwide. Water Industry too, has the priority in this endeavor of the company. 4Matic is always committed to highly competetive top class products for all your water solutions.

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