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Back Flushing Valve / Back-Flushing Hydraulic Control Valve For Irrigation

“4Matic” Make The back flushing valve from ARDE is a small T type triple valve, this series is a double cavity diaphragm type hydraulic control valves with hydraulic driver. The valves use for Automatic back-flushing filtration systems, the water flow in inlet is straight-through(S) and angel flow (A).

Working Principle :

  • External Pressure makes Pressure in control cavity
  • in cresed thediaphragm
  • drive the spool part
  • to move to the valve base
  • makes it seat tight. At the time , the water from filter flow through outlet base
  • to discharge pollution. After the water from control cavty flow out, the system pressure and the soring
  • force takes the valve to return to filtering model.

Control head valves are three port hydraulic valves for backwash of filter stations, sand media filters, gravel filters, disc filters and screen filters. It is a compact valve, T configuration or in-line. Backwash valve closes the filter inlet, redirecting water in the opposite flow, so back flush would clean filtering elements and purge all captured impurities.

back flushing control valve back flushing control valve

Our filter backwash valves range includes:

  • Filter backwash hydraulic valve 2″x2″
  • Filter backwash hydraulic valve 3″x3″
  • Filter backwash hydraulic valve 4″x4″

Typical Applications :

  • Automatic backwash of sand media filter stations
  • Gravel filters, disc filters, screen filters
  • Single Filter Autonomic Backwash System
  • Angle flow or straight flow configuration
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