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pressure reducing valve for water pressure reducing valve for water

Environmental changes have resaulted into scarcity of water due to decreasing rain fall. This results in excessive tax burden on industries for consumption of water as well as for disposal of waste water. In such a scenario, to cut down such expenses the use of Water Pressure Reducing Valve becomes very important. And, here is how Water PRVs can help :

  • Saving of Water

Water Pressure Reducing Valve’s main function is to give required/desired pressure. Therefore, the wastage of water decreases to a great extent, e.g., Twice as much water flows through a system at 150 psi pressure than at 50 psi.

  • Saving of Energy

Due to  the use of Water PRV less/desired water flows through the system As the flow becomes lesser, less energy is needed to heat domestic water. Calculations show that PRV can save the energy upto 30% on domestic water heating front

Every Single Drop is Important Every Single Drop is Important
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