municipal water distribution system
  • BOM series 200X is Pilot Operated Hydraulic Control Valve,
  • This model is useful in Air, Water, Gas and Oil related flow control applications. It is mostly used for Water Industry applications such as,Municipal Water Boards, Water Supply, Water Distribution, Water and Sewage Treatment, Storage Tanks, Water Level Control etc., While other applications like Building Automation, Fire Fighting and Process industries also use this valves,
  • One of the major features is availability of size/flow rate which is from 40 mm to 600 mm and above is also available as per the requirement,
  • The design of BOM is like Globe Valve and it is Diaphragm controled self actuated valve,
  • The BOM series is available in Cast Iron, WCB, CF8 and CF8M,
  • As this valve is pilot operated, the option of selecting the type of pilot valve i.e., PRV, Safety Valve, Ball Valve, Float Valve, Level Control Float Valve etc., is what makes it multi functional valve
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