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4Max Knife Gate Valve by 4Matic Valves

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Specifically,custom made for industrial and water treatment applications, 4Matic has a proven range of 4MAX bi-directional as well as uni-directional Knife Gate valve. Its design emphasizes on providing an ideal solution for water treatment, pulp & paper and mining applications and also for overall industrial processes which require quality performance and dependability.

The 4MAX series Knife Gate Valve comprises of ductile iron body and Wafer style Bi-directional Knife Gate valve. The sizes available range from 3” (DN80) to 24” (DN600) and all the sizes have full port design and are appropriate for operating pressure up to 20 bar (300 psi) and obtainable with hand wheel, gearbox, pneumatic cylinder, electric or hydraulic actuation solutions.The technological staff at 4Matic’s research departmentis always busy craving for up gradation of product technology and design so as to come out with the latest development. 4MAX series Knife Gate valve is also obviously the result of these efforts. Formulated with specifically machined half bodies along with a distinctive seal and packing solution which makes the tightness to the maximum and low working torque/thrust execution under demanding media consistency situation.

With an experience of more than three decades in the field of precision industrial valve manufacturing, 4Matic can also supply 4MAX model Knife Gate valves in fabricated design with various materials of construction to accomplish peculiar application needs.

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